Rye Harbor Distilling & Whiskey House

Welcome to New England’s most recent addition to the Distilled Spirits Industry, Rye Harbor Distilling & Whiskey House. Rye Harbor is committed to producing the highest quality spirits and assisting micro-distillers throughout the Country.

Located amid the beautiful countryside in Southern New Hampshire, our operation focuses on 3 items.

  1. Producing spirit brands that embody quality and authenticity.
  2. Contract rectifying and bottling.
  3. Supplying Micro-Distillers with the finest bulk spirits in the country.

Rye Harbor believes in the American Spirit and American Ingenuity. Taking a Spirits Industry of over 200 years and incorporating today’s small batch artisanal touch. Developing genuine brands such as Jesse James America’s Outlaw Bourbon Whiskey, Bob’s Bourbon, Devlin Irish Whiskey and the American Distilling line of products. These spirits are for anyone who understands that there is no easy way in life. Nothing beats a little elbow grease and hard work. To review our complete brand portfolio click here.

Here’s to you!

Devlin Irish

The distilling process is accomplished by alcohol having a lower boiling point than water. It is separated from the fermented liquid or wash from the wash-back. Devlin Irish Whiskey is distilled three times to ensure a smooth and delicate spirit. Learn More»

Jesse James
Bourbon Whiskey

We have carefully selected the finest, home-grown ingredients to create this smooth Bourbon Whiskey. We start with a mash that is a minimum of 51% corn to distill The Original Jesse James Bourbon Whiskey. We use new, charred oak barrels for aging the Jesse James Bourbon Whiskey. Learn More»

Rye Harbor

Vodka is the dominant white spirit in the United States. It is versatile as a mixer. Vodka sales started to increase during World War II. Shortly thereafter Vodka was on its way to marketing success. Rye Harbor Vodka is a premium New England American vodka. Learn More»
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